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research and development) at USACIL, the Army and DOD have partnered with the Departments of Homeland Security, Justice and State, as well as private labs, on a "DNA-on-a-chip" project using microfluidics and nanotechnology.
The USACIL is eager to assist, and can help both DC and TC analyze evidence, but COJs and senior defense counsel (SDC) cannot automatically expect agents to independently request assistance from specialized units such as the deployable crime scene teams.
The OSJA can consult four main sources to learn of USACIL capabilities.
Additionally, examiners at USACIL undergo a rigorous training program at USACIL before beginning casework because there is no institutional curriculum in most forensic examinations or forensic photography, for example.
If USACIL determined that the substance found contains one of the synthetic cathinones listed on the CSA, the appropriate charge would also be a violation of Article 112a.
The charging decision changes if the substances identified in the hypothetical above are returned from USACIL and do not contain any chemical compound listed in the CSA.
The USACIL and the AFMES are capable of testing blood, urine, and substances believed to contain spice or bath salts.
A]lthough we find generating the USACIL forensic report akin to an "objective cataloging of unambiguous factual matters[,]" i.