US Trade Representative

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the executive agency that administers the President's policies on international trade

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We are calling on the US Trade Representative to obey the law and create more balanced advisory panels," said Ellen Shaffer, director of the Center for Policy Analysis on Trade and Health.
WASHINGTON -- David Weller, former Deputy Assistant US Trade Representative (USTR) for China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan will join Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr as Senior Counsel in the International Trade and Investment Department.
In addition, according to US Trade Representative Rob Portman, the US is considering signing FTAs with four Middle East countries including Qatar and Egypt, where the US has seen progress with the Egyptian government's recent financial reform policies.
Confirmed speakers for this key event on the Americas include: Secretary of State Colin Powell, Secretary of Treasury John Snow, US Trade Representative Robert Zoellick, Assistant Secretary of Western Hemisphere Affairs Roger Noriega, President of Guatemala Oscar Berger, Mexican Minister of Foreign Affairs Luis Ernesto Derbez, President of the Central Bank of Argentina Alfonso Prat-Gay, Brazilian Minister of Development, Industry and Commerce Luiz Fernando Furlan, Former President of Costa Rica Miguel Angel Rodriguez, President and Chairman of AES Corporation Paul Hanrahan, Executive Chairman of the Board, Kroll Inc.
Holwill currently serves as Co-Chair of the Asia Task Force at the US Chamber of Commerce and as a trade advisor to the US Trade Representative and US Department of Commerce.
Owens, the two senior administration officials wrote: "Your industry expertise is critical to the Secretary of Commerce and the US Trade Representative in pursuing trade objectives that reflect the concerns and interests of the private sector.