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Roughly, $144 million US grant given for economic opportunities remained undisbursed.
The company has also received Exchange approval to close its acquisition of the US Grant Mine property, Montana, and that transaction has now also closed.
TND engineers and consult prepared a feasibility study for improving the supply of energy to the southern Kyrgyzstan for funds from the US grant in 2006-2007.
Supporters can donate, refer a child, and spread the word to help us grant as many wishes as possible.
Inspired by the world of art museums and galleries, the site is designed to showcase the rich diversity of The Luxury Collection portfolio, which features some of the world's most iconic, award-winning properties, including Hotel Danieli, Venice; Hotel Imperial, Vienna; Grande Bretagne, Athens; Bora Bora Nui Resort and Spa, French Polynesia; The US Grant, San Diego; Palace Hotel, San Francisco and The Phoenician, Scottsdale.
Don Wehby said the US grant would allow Jamaica to shed all holdings in the airline by March 2009.
The Associated Press reported that Jamaican Senator Don Wehby stated that the US grant would allow Jamaica to get rid of all holdings in the airline by March 2009.
The money will be used to help us grant wishes for children with life-threatening illnesses.
Demonstrating American support for Jordan's efforts to preserve its heritage and historic/archaeological sites, US Undersecretary of State Karen Hughes and President of the Petra National Trust HRH Prince Raad Bin Zeid signed last Thursday a US grant agreement that provides a total of $33,817 to support the preservation of the wall painting of the biclinium in Siq al-Barid, Beidha (Petra).
A Make-A-Wish foundation spokesman said: ``Liverpool FC have always been a great supporter of our charity and always gone that little bit further than most to help us grant amazing wishes for our children.
JoAnne Chapman, United Thank Offering (UTO) co-ordinator at the Episcopal Church Center in New York confirmed the information, adding that the Church of Kenya has also rejected a $40,000 US grant for a province-wide sustainability project.
The Presbyterian College and Theological Seminary in Seoul, Korea, is the recipient of a two-year $1 million US grant from the Henry Luce Foundation.
They told us Grant and Lee have stayed here, and the Rough Riders.
But let us grant Fallows his point, while recognizing that he has set fire to a straw man.