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an independent agency of the United States federal government that maintains fair and free competition

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Comment: Companies nix deal following administrative complaint from the US Federal Trade Commission
The divestiture agreements are subject to further review by the FTC the Bureau of Competition Staff of the US Federal Trade Commission and acceptance of a consent order by the Commissioners of the FTC.
The US Federal Trade Commission stated that without the asset sales the USD12.
French chemical group Rhodia yesterday completed its acquisition of Midland-based Albright & Wilson, announced more than a year ago, after it won approval from the US Federal Trade Commission.
Meanwhile, the US Federal Trade Commission has filed suit in a federal district court against Five Star Auto Club Inc and two of its principals.
After the Christmas holidays, Chickering mentioned he had been busy putting together an extensive reply for the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the attorneys general of seven states about Bunnies' advertising.
NYSE:AVT) ("Avnet") announced today that it has received all required regulatory approvals, including clearance from the US Federal Trade Commission, the Competition Bureau Canada and the Commission of the European Communities, with respect to its proposed acquisition of Access Distribution, a General Electric company and leading value-added distributor of complex computing solutions (sted Avnet, Inc.