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Last summer, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) requested that the state-run Ziraat Bankasy provide a detailed audit revealing whether or not the bank had conducted illegal money transfers from firms blacklisted by the US to countries such as Iran and Sudan, in violation of US sanctions.
Government has taken note of the statement issued by the US Federal Reserve on the 'taper'.
He said that the US Federal Reserve was able to take aggressive monetary policy actions in the aftermath of the financial crisis and recession, which resulted in stabilising the economic environment.
9 billion in June, tempered by the US Federal Reserve s policy pronouncement.
Another set of data from the US Federal Reserve shows some deposits may have moved within the banking system from one type of account to another.
Prior to December, it was pretty clear that the US Federal Reserve would leave short-term rates close to zero for the next three years and the 5-10 year part of the yield curve would be beaten down in yield terms to 1) reduce the cost of borrowing and 2) reduce the cost of servicing existing debts.
ROYAL Bank of Scotland and Barclays received pounds 88billion in secret low-interest loans from the US Federal Reserve.
CAIRO: The Egyptian pound posted one of its biggest daily gains in nearly six years on Thursday as investors sought riskier assets after the US Federal Reserve said it would buy billions of dollars in debt.
Summary: Washington, July 14, 2010, SPA -- The US Federal Reserve today lowered slightly its forecasts for economic growth in the coming year, reflecting the United States&' sluggish recovery from recession, according to dpa.
THE US Federal Reserve slashed its key interest rate from 1% to a range of between zero and 0.
The US Federal reserve slashed interest rates on Tuesday, adding pressure on regional central banks.
Regulators including the US Federal Reserve, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
The US Federal Reserve held its benchmark interest rate unchanged at 5.
Asian share markets closed higher today, after Wall Street's overnight gains and US Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan's optimistic outlook for the US economy.
3 OSA balances and growth estimated by Celent, LLC; US Federal Reserve Board: Survey of Consumer Finances - National Average Online Savings Account is approximately $16,000