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The Egyptian authorities have blocked the son of a US cabinet member and at least five other American employees of two Washington-backed nongovernmental organizations from leaving Egypt in an apparent escalation of a politically charged criminal investigation into foreign-financed groups promoting democracy.
At times like this, it appears that the secretary of state is the only US cabinet member, except perhaps Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who understands this fact," Bower added.
Clinton had taken the oath of office of Secretary of State on January 21, 2009 to become the first former First Lady to serve in the US Cabinet.
Medina's arrest came the day after senior US cabinet officials, led by Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, visited Mexico to highlight their shared responsibility for the country's drug-related violence.
Briefing media men on Pak-US strategic dialogue to be held in Washington on March 24, Foreign Minister Qureshi said that he will proceed to Washington along with a high level delegation and will meet with the US cabinet, Senator Kerry and other members of Foreign Relation Committee at Capitol Hill.
China's press was abuzz over Chu and Locke, the first ethnic Chinese men to become US Cabinet secretaries.
The former Conservative Prime Minister issued a statement from the White House where, at the invitation of Vice President Dick Cheney, she, along with members of the US Cabinet, took part in a solemn ceremony to mark the fifth anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York.
Last night, Sir Sean and Swinney met congressional leaders and members of the US cabinet at the Tartan Week Capitol Hill reception in Washington.
A former US cabinet member and moral crusader who opposed the proliferation of casinos has apologised after it emerged he lost pounds 5 million gambling.
Joseph Nye, the dean of the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government and former US cabinet member, opens our symposium by discussing the pragmatic benefits of soft power, which engenders goodwill and cooperation, allowing for the greater success of US policies.
THE WAR ROOM: President Bush and the US cabinet meet to discuss the way forward after Tuesday's horrific attacks in New York and Washington POSSIBLE ACTION: President Bush meets with advisors, including secretary of state Colin Powell, at Camp David yesterday
John Sununu, former president George Bush's White House chief of staff is Arab-American, as is Donna Shalala, the current secretary of health and the first Arab appointed to a US Cabinet post.
Legendary US Cabinet Member Shares Perspective on Corporate Leadership, CEO Compensation and Advantages of Women in the C-Suite -
Manila: A five-member congressional delegation from the United States urged the Philippine and Chinese governments to peacefully settle their territorial dispute before the United Nations, to make the South China Sea open for world trade, a US cabinet member said.
A group of former US Cabinet officials, diplomats, pundits and journalists meanwhile published an open letter to US President Barack Obama urging the US to endorse the resolution.