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300 to 3000 megahertz

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Specifically, the FCC would seek public input on whether to modify, retain, or eliminate the 39% national cap, as well as the UHF discount.
Also, ViaSat will provide a path to a modern crypto design for next-generation UHF terminals.
IW allows doubling current UHF capacity and enables cell phone-like calling with low latency and enhanced voice quality while retaining legacy interoperability.
Dual-Mode Handset to Maximize Communication Flexibility UHF 2-way radio and long-range 900 MHz cordless phone in a single handset eliminates equipment and reduces costs.
Establishing an industry alliance focused solely on UHF RFID is the next step in the evolution of the technology," said Chris Diorio, chief strategy and technology officer at Impinj, the architect of the UHF Gen2 protocol.
Military UHF can use antennas to provide nearly omnidirectional command-and-control communications without a significant perturbation to an aircraft fuselage or other combat vehicle structure.
The broadband over band IV antenna allows multiple UHF channels to be transmitted simultaneously.
Based on the ThingMagic M5e Compact UHF RFID module, the Reader includes device drivers and a Software Development Kit, enabling systems integrators to add RFID capabilities to mobile applications.
This long-distance RFID UHF reader is used for RFID applications asking for longer read range and high accuracy, like parking, access control, warehouse management applications, process automation.
He added: "We decided to close down the analogue UHF network, which [has resulted] in Sky becoming an 'all-digital' broadcaster.
Another contribution consists in comparing the performance of UHF-GARCH models to a new and simple way of modeling financial market volatility using UHF data recently developed by Bollerslev and Wright (Review of Economics and Statistics, 2001)--the integrated volatility or recently called the realized volatility (Barndorff-Nielsen and Shephard, Journal of Applied Econometrics, 2002) and, more recently, Gosier, et al.
Tokyo, Japan, Mar 6, 2007 - (JCN) - Sobal will release the M9 Handy Terminal DK, a built-in UHF band RFID module development kit with the smallest in-class SkyeModule M9 CF and 2 types of compact antennas, with other accessories, for a trial project.
DuMont offered a plan that would have at the very least doubled the number of TV channels available in each city: The network proposed using VHF channels in some cities and the new UHF (ultra-high-frequency) channels (14 and higher) in others.
It's also incorrect to state that if the UHF radio does not work, the bird is NMC.
Each package includes a lightweight PA system with a builtin 16-channel UHF microphone receiver, portable tripod, mounting bracket and Infrared remote control.