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300 to 3000 megahertz

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The new XM2-RFID UHF fits in the palm of the hand and is optimized to meet the real-world challenges of businesses and government organizations around the world.
Broadcasting spectrum status: Terrestrial broadcasting plays a significant role in TV reception; but the UHF band is coveted by the mobile industry
Military UHF can use antennas to provide nearly omnidirectional command-and-control communications without a significant perturbation to an aircraft fuselage or other combat vehicle structure.
Based on the ThingMagic M5e Compact UHF RFID module, the Reader includes device drivers and a Software Development Kit, enabling systems integrators to add RFID capabilities to mobile applications.
This long-distance RFID UHF reader is used for RFID applications asking for longer read range and high accuracy, like parking, access control, warehouse management applications, process automation.
He added: "We decided to close down the analogue UHF network, which [has resulted] in Sky becoming an 'all-digital' broadcaster.
The new modem module is based on the UHF DAMA modem used in the AN/PSC-5 manpack satellite terminal and other multiband terminals produced by Raytheon.
The high technical requirements of, above all, the automobile industry leads to the ever declining deployment of UHF plants.
The joint Harris CapRock and Astrium Services end-to-end commercial UHF service will be launched in spring 2013.
This new RFID Consortium logo will be used to identify UHF RFID products provided by companies licensed through the RFID Consortium," said Jim O'Hagan, a spokesperson for the RFID Consortium and Director of Patents and Technology for Zebra Technologies.
com)-- As the use of combining UHF RFID and bluetooth technology is becoming prevalent, DAILY RFID has released its latest Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader DL930B for the above needs.
Daily RFID, a Chinese leading manufacture of RFID tags and readers, has developed its new UHF Gen2 RFID tag.
Designed for presentations in large groups, the system can include (depending on user needs): two adjustable tripod stands, a handheld dynamic low impedance microphone and floor stand, a handheld wireless UHF microphone and a 75 watt RMS amplifier with built-in speakers.
Cable's indictable offense was that it threatened the revenue earned by UHF (ultrahigh frequency) television licensees.
UHF production rates are limited because of compound polarity differences between the solid component and the sponge seal.