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the major Protestant paramilitary group in Northern Ireland

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This seemingly exhaustive book is divided into four main parts: "Part I: Developing Use-Driven Acquisition Plans," "Part II: E-Book UDA Plans," "Part III: Targeting Libraries and Collections," and Part IV: "Evaluation and Emerging Strategies.
I don't know if it's been sanctioned by the leadership but it seems to be UDA people alright.
This new white paper provides an outline for how the Prodiance Enterprise Risk Manager system and associated professional services enable organizations to satisfy the latest guidance from the IIA while mitigating the risk of errors and facilitating compliance with the latest regulatory mandates for controlling mission critical UDAs.
As a result it is un-derstood the UDA has backtracked on their promise ditch their arsenals.
And when hundreds of mainstream UDA men took to the streets, McClean was given a police escort out of town.
In an effort to enhance revenues, UDA entered into agreements with milk marketing cooperatives in other states not to sell milk to fluid milk bottlers until they agreed to pay a substantial premium above the federally established minimum price.
Police wouldn't comment last night on who was behind the killing and wouldn't rule out it could have been part of the feud between the UDA and Loyalist Volunteer Force.
A Northern Ireland Office spokesman said the Government welcomed the commitment from the UDA to end violence and join the peace process.
He warned them: 'I will judge the UDA by its actions tonight, tomorrow night and every night.
Since installation, the UDA has been in continuous use and has proved reliable and provided cost-savings, say Sona.
1 A Research Model of the Factors Related to UDA Success
BRITAIN'S answer to the FBI is being brought in to tackle a UDA gang accused of murder and drug dealing.
The warning came as security force patrols were stepped up in north Belfast over fears of a bloody UDA feud.
FOLLOWING our article on March 13, 2005 headed UDA BOSS IN BID TO GRAB BAR reporting speculation that the East Belfast UDA was attempting to "muscle in on" the Westbourne Glentoran Football Supporters bar, the Committee of the Westbourne Supporters of Glentoran Club have asked us to point out that there is no truth in these rumours and that no club member or guest or member of staff has been intimidated or threatened by the East Belfast UDA in any way.