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interface consisting of a standard port between a computer and its peripherals that is used in some computers

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U160 or U320), but since they are connected in series, bandwidth is shared by all devices on the channel.
Each of the new models - the IdeaPad U160, U460 and U460s - offer ultra-portable, light designs and long battery life to allow travel-loving consumers to stay entertained and in touch no matter where life takes them.
At U160 SCSI and 2Gb FC, it has the bandwidth to support all new technology drives such as LTO3, SDLT600, IBM 3590, T9940B, and SAIT.
Complete information about the JetStor III U160 RAID Array, including technical specifications, can be found on Advanced Computer & Network Corporation's web site at http://www.
a leading data storage solutions company, today introduced a new data storage array capable of supporting up to five heterogeneous servers sharing a storage pool via U160 SCSI protocol, capable of scaling to 2.
RaIDE Cart connects easily to any computer using a SCSI LVD U160 cable and is compatible with all major Host Bus Adapters.
MediaVault Max U160 SCSI storage solutions, offering RAID 0/3 configuration, are designed for high performance SD and HD video applications.
Next generation JetStor III U160 RAID array delivers reliable data protection combined with the high-performance of Ultra160 SCSI to support mission critical business applications.
Based on the industry-standard IOMeter benchmark, the performance boost is nearly three times the throughput of competing 7200 RPM ATA server configurations, and can exceed the throughput of 10,000 RPM U160 SCSI in streaming conditions.
Storage-- 18GB 10K RPM Hard Drive Controller-- On-Board Dual Channel U160 SCSI Controller Limited Warranty-- 3 Years Parts and Technical Support Service-- 3 Years On-Site Network Operating System Support-- 3 resolutions Price-- $2,199
One of the highlights for Medea during NAB 2002 was a demonstration of the redundant characteristics of VideoRaid RTR -- an UltraDMA-based U160 SCSI disk array -- in front of the 310 attendees of ProMax Systems Inc.
Storage-- 3x 18GB U160 SCSI Controller-- Dual Channel RAID Controller Limited Warranty-- 3 Years Parts and Technical Support Service-- 3 Years Next Business Day On-Site NOS Resolution-- 3 incidences, Network Operating System Resolution Price--$3,339