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interface consisting of a standard port between a computer and its peripherals that is used in some computers

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Normally, you will find IDE or SATA drives attached to a U160 or U320 SCSI bus.
The U460 features a standard volt processor, while the U460s and U160 come with ultra-low volt processors for even longer battery life and lower power consumption.
The IdeaPad U160, U460 and U460s are available beginning in June and will start at $699.
In addition, we found the keys to be more responsive than the ones on U130 and U160 with consistent tactile feedback.
At U160 SCSI and 2Gb FC, it has the bandwidth to support all new technology drives such as LTO3, SDLT600, IBM 3590, T9940B, and SAIT.
One of the highlights for Medea during NAB 2002 was a demonstration of the redundant characteristics of VideoRaid RTR -- an UltraDMA-based U160 SCSI disk array -- in front of the 310 attendees of ProMax Systems Inc.
Storage-- 3x 18GB U160 SCSI Controller-- Dual Channel RAID Controller Limited Warranty-- 3 Years Parts and Technical Support Service-- 3 Years Next Business Day On-Site NOS Resolution-- 3 incidences, Network Operating System Resolution Price--$3,339
1GB/sec maximum theoretical throughput, dual channel U160 SCSI, support for the Intel RAID Controller SRCMR (Modular ROMB), and integrated Intel Server Management 3.
BakBone's NetVault backup/restore software -- FalconStor's flagship software solution, IPStor -- OTG's DiskXtender 2000 and SANXtender storage virtualization and file management software -- Sanbolic's advanced volume sharing software, Kayo -- CMD's Titan 7400 Fibre to Fibre RAID Controller or Chaparral's 2GB Fibre Channel-to-Ultra 160 SCSI JFS224 RAID Controller -- Hitachi's 73GB 10,000RPM Fibre or U160 Disk Drives -- JMR's FORTRA 10 Raid subsystem -- JNI's 64-bit Single Port PCI-to-Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter (33 MHz), FCE-6410 -- QLogic's 64-bit Dual Port PCI-Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter (33MHz) -- Vixel's 16-port 7200 and 8-port 7100 Fibre Channel Switches
Hitachi's 73GB 10,000RPM U160 disk drive was selected for inclusion in Legacy's storage system after undergoing numerous performance and quality tests.
It begins at $3,495 for a single 800 MHz 133 speed front side bus Intel Pentium III processor, 9 GB U160 SCSI drive, 128 MB RAM with CD ROM and floppy disk drive.