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Synonyms for midterm

the middle of the gestation period

middle of an academic term or a political term in office

an examination administered in the middle of an academic term

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President Bush is being forced to re-examine his plan to "stay the course" by Americans upset at increasing violence in Iraq, the results of the U.
In contrast to presidential election years, Foerster and Schmitz (1997) reported evidence that the U.
His hackers and trolls meddled in an American presidential election a and in all likelihood will try to meddle again, perhaps as soon as the upcoming U.
But we do not know how Obama will act under mounting pressure, and the pressure will only increase if the Republicans achieve a majority in the U.
His visit comes in the wake of the Democrats' heavy losses in the U.
There's a sense of relief in the market after the U.
However, he will attempt to recommence his initiative after the U.
He included suggestions about the timing of video appearances after the 2010 U.
President Barack Obama freed Israel from pressure until the U.
The market was cautious before a slew of key events, with the focus on an expected Federal Reserve announcement of further monetary easing and the outcome of the U.
White House spokesman Tony Snow later told reporters that Bush understands ''political constraints'' in South Korea, noting that in the U.
currency moved narrowly at the mid-80 yen level as a wait-and-see sentiment strengthened ahead of the Fed meeting and the U.
But the official denied speculation the Republican's defeat in last week's U.
The dismal situation in Iraq propelled the Democrats to victory in the U.