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the executive and legislative and judicial branches of the federal government of the United States

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To minimize the adverse effect of any temporary reduction in clearing bank capacity, market participants should act now to: (1) review their existing documentation for U.
Moreover, why were midlevel Pentagon officials organizing meetings with a foreign intelligence agency behind the CIA's back--a clear breach of U.
As many of these countries are part of the dollar currency area, they are creating another large new market for U.
Through this process, and the joint development of robust action plans, the U.
Navy, and designs, builds and overhauls surface ships for government and commercial customers worldwide and is a leading information technology contractor to the U.
In May 1990, the Yokohama District Court approved a request filed by the U.
And instead of pooh-poohing the peace process that Pastrana has courageously undertaken, the U.
Because Conoco cannot reap the benefits of its investment until order is restored, the company graciously rented its compound in Somalia to the U.
The Department of State reminds American citizens that the U.
now a unit of Anteon International Corporation (NYSE:ANT), under a five-year, U.
The Bureau of Engraving and Printing is tremendously proud of The New Color of Money, and I am proud to have helped in the creation of the safest, smartest, and most secure note the U.
They did such a great job that when Egypt wanted to buy F-16s, they asked the U.
Whether or not the Americans handed their intelligence directly to Los Pepes is unclear, but the U.
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