United States dollar

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the basic unit of money in the United States

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In secondary, with the aid of a K9 unit, CBP officers discovered two packages containing a total of $57,691 in bulk, unreported U.
The dollar inherited the uptrend set overnight in New York where the U.
After a burglary at one of these banks a couple of years ago, it was reported that about $50,000 in U.
These depots make it easier for overseas users to obtain new U.
The euro notes are designed to incorporate elements such as diff active and reflective foils and machine-readable features that are not used in even the new U.
On the heels of its overnight climb in New York, the U.
Over time, however, strong foreign demand has also developed for U.
Recent evidence suggests that a growing proportion of U.
Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers assigned to work outbound inspection operations at the Lincoln-Juarez Bridge seized over $130,000 in U.
dollar remained around the 78-yen line in Tokyo on Wednesday as the U.
government's ongoing efforts to stay ahead of counterfeiting and protect the integrity of U.
In Guatemala, as early as May, dollar-based wages and bank accounts will be permitted when U.
Palencia and 29 other California Federal Bank employees spent a recent afternoon learning the history of U.
dollar fluctuated around the 78-yen line Wednesday morning as the U.
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