Supreme Court of the United States

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the highest federal court in the United States

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Regardless of where the individual reader stands politically, however, it is necessary to understand the significant impact of any U.
Of course, this isn t quite enough evidence to predict what kind of U.
Further in the chapter, Leishman compares McLachlin's attitudes to those of a U.
Maryland will rename its largest airport to honor the late U.
Other prizewinners that year included former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, author/poet Maya Angelou and U.
of Marlborough, Massachusetts, on the moment he noticed U.
Gaustad is consistently fair in his treatment of the U.
The assertion of the right of higher education institutions to use racial preferences in their admissions policies has been based on the diversity rationale that U.
Each editor delivers something fresh, pairing nature-writing legends like Barry Lopez, Wendell Berry, Henry David Thoreau and John Muir with such new contributors as a recent Ivy, League graduate and a U.
Despite a study finding that less than 2% of the 394 law clerks hired by the nine U.
On two days last March, readers of Minneapolis' Star Tribune picked up their paper to find several pages devoted to stories about a local company picking up an expensive travel tab for federal judges - including U.
The request for an injunction was rejected by a federal judge in Texas, three appellate judges and four U.
Court of Appeals also has gained significance as a proving ground for prospective U.
Prior to the vote, IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger urged delegates to carefully consider how a Romney administration would handle the upcoming retirements of at least four and possibly as many as seven U.