Supreme Court of the United States

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the highest federal court in the United States

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I don't think there is any chance they will prevail on the county seal case or that the U.
Michael Bidart, an attorney with Shernoff Bidart & Darras LLE expects minimal impact, saying the ruling simply reaffirms a 1997 U.
The State of Florida moved for rehearing, which the U.
As demonstrated most recently by the University of Michigan case, decided by the U.
The FTB has revised its position to conform to the U.
Although the congressionally mandated observance was intended as an interfaith expression of "civil religion," Americans United for Separation of Church and State insist that the National Day of Prayer Task Force--affiliated with religious broadcaster James Dobson and other religious-right leaders--is dominating the day with a campaign of misinformation aimed at excluding minority faiths, distorting U.
Thurgood Marshall ought to be remembered more for his twenty-three years of work as director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (1938-1961) than for his twenty-four years of service as a justice on the U.
Following its landmark State Farm decision in 2003, the U.
The appeals have been unilaterally rejected by the California Supreme Court, federal trial and appellate courts and the U.
At the conference, I raised the question of what legal position would be taken, if after all appeals were exhausted, the U.