United States Department of State

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As American diplomatic personnel continue to come under attack in Havana, I commend the U.
The "tourists" or "journalists" broke Russian immigration laws and had been advised by the U.
Also, according to an article in the Times, Tripoli worked with the U.
Congressman Brad Sherman, D-Sherman Oaks, announced Friday that he is engaged to Lisa Nicola Kaplan, a foreign affairs officer for the U.
That's a fact that almost everybody in the Chapare realizes," says a U.
The Orbital Development site proudly displays negative judgments on its case from (so far) NASA, the U.
Commission on International Religious Freedom, an independent advisory body set up by the American Congress, called on the U.
Government, departments of corrections, departments of social services, foreign government agencies, and 16 U.
Responding to outrage by government officials mid conservative pundits, the U.
Refugees--and others who want to visit the United States--are subject to a rigorous security review conducted by the FBI, CIA and U.
Cuba was one of seven countries that remained on a U.
military and their counterparts in other nations and a potential diplomatic pressure point for the U.
Another specific site available through the MAIC home page is a link to the MAIC mine awareness project we ran in Quang Tri, Vietnam for eighteen months under a U.
El Mozote was the place where the army conducted a brutal massacre of peasants in 1982 (not 1981, as the caption incorrectly suggested) - a massacre that the U.