United States Army Special Forces

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a division of the United States Army that is specially trained for guerilla fighting

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The bloodshed began with a truck bomb that exploded in a heavily populated district of the capital and ended with an hours-long battle at a base used by U.
NATO said in a statement that it became clear that armed individuals named as U.
In the book, Robinson tells the stories of men in the U.
The author and his collaborators examine the need for and the establishment of the U.
The stunt was a perfect move for Diesel, who stars in the summer action flick about a new breed of secret agent as Xander Cage, an anti-social extreme-sports merry prankster coerced by U.
Gregory Nava is attached to direct and will produce with Antonio Banderas, who is set to play the Colombian police chief who brought down Escobar with the help of an elite U.
The human rights advocate group, Amnesty International, exposes U.
In his 2002 book Bush at War--which was compiled with ample help from the White House, Pentagon, and CIA--Bob Woodward describes a ceremony conducted by U.
The Dallas Morning News reported in 1998 that "tens of millions of taxpayer dollars are going into covert operations across Southern Colombia employing, among others, U.
SafetyTech PAPR systems, masks, filter cartridges and accessories are currently used by U.
The Pakistani Taliban have opposed polio vaccination campaigns following reports that that a foreign non-governmental organization employed local staff to get blood samples from al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in Abottabad before he was killed by a U.
uk/world/hamid-karzai) Hamid Karzai and other officials alleging that nine people had disappeared after being seized by U.
Residents of that small town, after being freed from the reign of Saddam's Ba'ath Party, were immediately terrorized by a group calling itself the Iraqi Coalition of National Unity (ICNU), a previously unknown Shi'ite Muslim militia who arrived in vehicles driven by U.
The fusion of drug and military policies finds its domestic application on the windswept plains of Fort Bliss, Texas; the remote mountain passes of Nogales, Arizona; the California desert; and the Rio Grande--all places where U.