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a reusable spacecraft with wings for a controlled descent through the Earth's atmosphere

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Meanwhile, quoting a spokesman of Russia's Aerospace Agency, Itar-Tass news agency reported the same day that U.
Chretien spent a week on the Soviet space station Mir in 1982 and two weeks there in 1988; Baudry flew on board the U.
Best-known as the manufacturer of the robotic arms utilized on the International Space Station and the now-retired U.
said Monday it will release in December a zinc alloy 1/144 scale model of the U.
Mukai, Japan's first female astronaut, made her second space flight aboard the U.
Now called Ulysses, the European spacecraft is scheduled for launch next April by the U.
The space shuttle Atlantis arrived Sunday at the International Space Station in the last mission of the U.
21 Kyodo Japan's first female astronaut, Chiaki Mukai, returned to the Labor Ministry on Thursday a symbolic flag that she carried aboard the U.
Stormy weather approaching the Kennedy Space Center in Florida forced yet another postponement of the launch of the U.
NASA said soon after the liftoff that it has grounded the U.