southwestern United States

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the southwestern region of the United States generally including New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, California, and sometimes Utah and Colorado

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The C7 Tracker is ideal for regions with high solar irradiance through direct sunlight, including the U.
David often used an ancient Athabaskan teaching technique, still alive among many of the Athabaskan, or Done, peoples, including the Navajo in the U.
As a spinoff, the test is being modified so it can quickly check water for the level of arsenic - a natural pollutant in places like Bangladesh and the U.
Dunn-Edwards has long focused on manufacturing paint that is formulated specifically for the U.
In an Environmental Science & Technology article published online 6 June 2007, Texas Tech and USGS researchers report that a substantial reservoir of natural perchlorate exists in unsaturated zones (between the land surface and the water table) of the U.
Since 1995, close to 3,000 immigrants have died in remote portions of the U.
George Sumner, the principal of Wycliffe College, Toronto, formerly served in Tanzania and in Navajoland in the U.
Antelope Valley aerospace advocates argue that consolidating test and evaluation missions in the U.
Schindler suggests to protect against a sever water crunch, that people consider limiting the number of industries and residents, to avoid the U.
Relationships between airlines and airports are suffering in the U.
As far as I know, Mexican music was "naturalized" as a result of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, and corridos based on specifically Chicano subjects have been penned in the U.
Yulex Natural Rubber Latex is derived from Guayule, a desert plant indigenous to the U.
Certainly this is the case in areas with clement weather, including California, Hawaii, and the U.
It will combine the brokerage and plant strengths of each partner to focus on the expansion of secondary fiber business in the U.
R, Valero has 4,800 miles of refined product and crude oil pipelines as well as refined product terminals, which complement its refining and marketing assets in the U.