United States Senate

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the upper house of the United States Congress

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Senator Heinrich is also a cosponsor of the bipartisan Fix NICS Act led by U.
Bowling Green (Kentucky) [United States], November 5 ( ANI ): A man has been arrested for assaulting and injuring U.
And to better understand how Cruz went from unknown to U.
Lebanon's Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri met here today U.
For example, green stands for a state that will elect both a Governor and a U.
Members voiced their concerns on banks' roles in real estate, tax reform and leasehold improvements, small business health plans, private property rights and natural disaster insurance during 215 separate meetings with U.
Feeling irate and "full of passion," she pounded out a letter to her U.
The war of words heated up recently when prominent U.
These groups have combined their resources in order to present U.
From New Jersey, where these quasi-rail operations first started and opposition to them has grown, U.
The 1962 ``Candidate'' definitely has a distinct McCarthy-era feel, with its brainwashed Korean War vet, Raymond Shaw (memorably played by cold fish Laurence Harvey), being controlled by his mother (an amazing Angela Lansbury), the string-pulling wife of a red-baiting U.
140 AIDS organizations have sent a consensus letter to each U.
Meanwhile, the great grandfather of Mark Dayton, who was just elected U.
The former college all-American, Olympic gold medalist and NBA all-star remembers lobbying U.
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