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the upper house of the United States Congress

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The breakthrough came when the chamber voted on Monday afternoon to end debate on a three-week spending resolution, a procedural move that paved the way for the U.
But as a result, an online petition calling for heads to roll and sensitivity training at U.
Arnold Schwarzenegger to office for a second term, and students also chose Republican Richard Mountjoy for a U.
And LGBT voters have lined up to volunteer for Bob Casey, the state treasurer who's the Democratic candidate for the U.
The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) has applauded the U.
He made his appearance in October 1957, on the occasion of his upset victory when he became the first Democrat to represent Wisconsin in the U.
If one needed any reminding of those protectionist risks, one only need look to the strong support Chuck Schumer (D-NY) receives in the U.
an insurer-backed bill to limit jury awards in medical-malpractice cases has faltered in the U.
They later served as friends, but on different sides of the political aisle, in the U.
Daschle who is divorced twice and is an outspoken promoter of abortion in the U.
House of Representatives seats in 32 out of 34 mid-term election since the end of the Civil War (the exceptions were 1934 and 1998), and the party in the White House has lost seats in the U.
SIGNAL Corporation has been awarded a five year contract with an expected value of $100 million through the United States Senate Sergeant At Arms to provide computer help desk support, IT installation and maintenance, and acquisition and inventory for hardware and software for all U.
Hart was confirmed as maritime administrator by the U.
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