National Archives and Records Administration

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the independent agency that oversees management of federal government records including presidential libraries and historic collections


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These strengths and weaknesses closely mirror the author's own research, which carefully combed the U.
It presents the text of 100 significant documents housed in the U.
Congress also stipulated that the LoC work with other federal agencies such as the White House and the U.
Organizing her approach around the Holocaust, Silent Song reflects upon an image Schogt found, while searching for other things in the U.
The China Daily quoted sources at the Museum of Chinese History in Beijing as saying the museum has signed a $200,000 contract with the U.
Most of that gold has been returned to European central banks - even though it included gold stolen from Holocaust victims, other individuals and businesses, according to recently declassified documents in the U.
This book is full of real-world examples of EDMSs from organizations such as the U.
While conducting research, Vallejo found World War II records, crumbling from age and exposure to Philippine jungles, in the U.
In a diplomatic note in 1971, the Taiwanese government "requested the United States to exclude the Senkaku Islands from the reversion of Okinawa to Japan," according to the documents obtained by Kyodo News at the U.
On the second stop of her "One Nation" bus tour, Sarah Palin pulled over for a visit at the U.
A Metadata Catalog maintains a repository of metadata to foster information sharing and discoverability for customers such as the Library of Congress and The U.
These sites offer searchable documents, photographs, political cartoons, audio and film clips, and are all linked to NARA, the U.
Although many speculated that the uncovering of Harrer's Nazi party membership in documents hidden in the U.
Regrettably, this does not include work in French archives, but there is plenty of material from the U.
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