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the mint that manufactures and distributes United States coins for circulation through Federal Reserve Banks

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There are no alternative metal compositions that reduce the manufacturing unit cost of the penny below its face value," the U.
The $5, $1 and half-dollar coins, plated with gold, silver and alloy, are in production at the San Francisco U.
Bowers described the collection as the "Old Masters" of coins struck during the earliest years of the U.
This isn't the first time the Franklin Mint has enhanced actual currency, and a spokesman tells me that after consultation with the government they don't anticipate prosecution, despite a warning from the U.
Now she is one of 24 artists selected from across the country by U.
Ted Kulongoski is expected to be forwarded to the U.
In keeping with the educational initiative of this program, the U.
OCCUPATION: division chief, Web Content Office of Application Development at the U.
Other than that, there is no contemporary record of her influence, Disney and the U.
Only financial institutions may participate in this program, and the U.
In late January, the Burbanks received clearance from the Secret Service and the U.
The Vacuum Furnace is Solar's Model HFL-2624-2EQ and is essentially a duplicate of one provided to the U.
As John Mercanti, retired chief engraver for the U.
The event takes place on Tuesday, May 19, and will be hosted by U.
But, a coin-collecting expert ha said the gold-dipped, painted coins are nothing more than a trinket, and the U.
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