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Jack) London noted, I am extremely proud that my fellow Director General William Scott Wallace has been honored with the Distinguished Graduate Award from the U.
Second Lieutenant Bent is the company commander of the West Point Military Police Company and the officer in charge of the Special Reaction Team, U.
Military Academy at West Point, former Deputy Undersecretary of State), Taylor (senior adviser, International Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies), Meese (social sciences, U.
The last 12 years of his military career were spent on the faculty and staff of the U.
A native of upstate New York, Felt earned an engineering degree from the U.
During the 1960s, he served as the Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the U.
Pieter deJong Miller and Soo Ho Park of Burbank were nominated for the U.
response to the attacks of September 11, 2001, was spelled out in an official document, the "National Security Strategy of the United States," which Bush previewed in a speech to cadets at the U.
In June 2001 The Boston Globe revealed that Ellis' actual military experience consisted of ROTC at William and Mary College and teaching history at the U.
Next year, the military is due to graduate its first class of female cadets at the Korea Military Academy in Seoul, the country's equivalent of the prestigious U.
Lieutenant Colonel Kelly Ziccarello is a 1984 graduate of the U.
Army Reserve, reached out to the most effective leadership training institution he knew - the U.
Born in Denison, Texas, Eisenhower graduated in 1915 from the U.
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