United States Military Academy

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a school for training men and women to become officers in the United States Army

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Second Lieutenant Bent is the company commander of the West Point Military Police Company and the officer in charge of the Special Reaction Team, U.
William Lacy Clay hosts the ceremony every year to recognize graduating seniors from Missouri's First Congressional District who are nominated to attend the U.
The effectiveness of the ITH's active noise reduction technology was supported by a study completed in early December 2004 in the engineering psychology department of the U.
As the nature of military missions changes, both the law curriculum and the law faculty's teaching methods at the U.
response to the attacks of September 11, 2001, was spelled out in an official document, the "National Security Strategy of the United States," which Bush previewed in a speech to cadets at the U.
In October, General Foss, then age 87, traveled to Beaverton, Michigan, to support a great-nephew who was seeking admission to the U.
This book is, in fact, an architectural tour through the very famous U.
Army Reserve, reached out to the most effective leadership training institution he knew - the U.
Editors Nielsen (international relations and national security studies, U.
He was educated in Bessemer, AL schools and was a 1973 graduate of the U.
Pieter deJong Miller and Soo Ho Park of Burbank were nominated for the U.
Army War College, Command and General Staff College and the U.
More than sixty people, including five nuns, were arrested November 17, 2002, for marching onto Georgia's Fort Benning grounds in the thirteenth annual protest of the U.