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the basic unit of money in the United States

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A local banking manager reported yesterday (April 22) that the surge of U.
Apple's stock market capitalization is 308 billion U.
In May, Hong Kong loosened its currency peg to the U.
Of course, this optimistic forecast assumes that the Canadian dollar will stabilize and perhaps drop against the U.
Among those five steps was changing the way the yuan is pegged to the U.
Why is it that contrary to the best economic theory, despite a stock market collapse that wiped out values the equivalent of 90 percent of GDP, despite growing current account and budget deficits, despite the massive body blow of September 11, despite a momentary decline of its exchange rate, despite (an admittedly mild) recession, and despite two major wars, the U.
Market value (in place) represents a professional opinion of the estimated most probable price expressed in terms of cash in U.
The regulations under subpart J seem to reflect a transaction's true economic substance, but only when an individual whose functional currency is the U.
Such speculators borrow Hong Kong dollars and sell them for U.
Currency risk is also a part of the equation when investing overseas; since the performance of foreign stocks is partially driven by the value of the U.
With the sharp appreciation of the Japanese yen against the U.
Bankhaus Herstatt failed at the end of the German business day, after mark payments had been made on the mark leg of a mark-dollar transaction, but before the end of the business day in the United States and thus before U.
Most financial statements are shown in the home country currency and may include a currency translation into U.
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) said Tuesday (15) that it has approved loans totaling 600 million U.
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