Department of Veterans Affairs

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the United States federal department responsible for the interests of military veterans


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Earlier this year, Senator Hassan joined Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA) and others in introducing the bipartisan bill to help reduce wait times and improve the process for New Hampshire and Americas veterans seeking benefits from the U.
From that start Koverman negotiated a counseling contract with the U.
NSOs are the front line of DAV Service helping veterans and their families with claims for benefits from the U.
Nasdaq: HOLX) a leading provider of a broad array of radiographic solutions, has announced a contract award by the U.
In recent months, Medsphere has signed four new contracts for the implementation of OpenVista, the company's comprehensive open source electronic health record (EHR) based on the U.
You can't erase what happened to you but you can be transformed by what happened to you,'' said James Dwyer, chief of Post Traumatic Services for the U.
Disabled veterans themselves, they are professionally trained to help veterans and their families in claims for benefits from the U.
Approximately one-half (47%) of the outstanding whole loan balance by loan amount (which excludes MBS) is Federal Housing Administration (FHA)-insured, 22% is privately insured, 12% is guaranteed by the U.
California Veterans Affairs Secretary Tom Johnson and Frank Salvas, representing the U.
Additionally, loans with original loan-to-value ratios (LTVs) of 80% or higher at origination are required to be insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), guaranteed by the U.
The medical device manufacturer secured the 5 year deal with the U.
A memorandum of understanding has been reached between the U.
One of the CDVA's excuses is that the Lancaster veterans home site is not within close proximity to a U.
Department of Energy, as well as the associate deputy assistant secretary for cyber and information security at the U.
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