United States Department of Defense

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Star Mountain also has contracts with General Services Administration (GSA) Group 70 Information Technology Schedule, GSA Management Organizational and Business Improvement Services, and with the U.
a global provider of Information Technology (IT) and Managed Network Services, today announced that the U.
Nasdaq: CMTL) announced today that its Maryland-based subsidiary, Comtech Mobile Datacom Corporation, has entered into a joint technology development agreement with Thrane & Thrane A/S, to bring next-generation mobile satellite solutions to the U.
NASDAQ: ASEI) (AS&E([R])), a worldwide leader in X-ray detection technology, announced today the receipt of a contract from the U.
In May 2003, following the presentation of clinical data at the plenary session of the Advanced Technology Application for Combat Casualty Care conference in Orlando, Florida, the U.
3 feet, the Wasp is the smallest of AV's family of unmanned aircraft systems used by the U.
The successful demonstration concludes more than 18 months of presentations, proposals, and customization of the Company's Airborne Relay Communications "ARC" System core technology to meet the rapid response emergency communications system requirements of the U.
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