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The ministry said that they successfully launched a 'Sparrow Missile' with the U.
The following regional tables (Tables 7-11) provide the total dollar values of all U.
Finally, I want to say a few words to and about the U.
The Bush administration in 2002 began a comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of U.
Moreover, GAO says, the potential exists for foreign terrorists to disrupt U.
Under this "offset program," the Germans agreed to do four things as a quid pro quo for U.
Summary: Cairo, Rabi Al-Akhir 18, 1432 / March 23, 2011, SPA -- U.
While the majority of university customers are logisticians working for a military service or defense agency, hundreds of DoD professionals in other career fields, personnel from other government agencies, and members of the U.
The United States and China will hold high-level defense talks in March or April in Washington to discuss crisis-management measures, such as setting up a hot line and implementing an agreement to prevent maritime military accidents, a senior U.
With my government, Lord Robertson has urged substantial efforts to assure that allied militaries are able to field comparable, and interoperable, advanced defense technologies, many of these residing in the U.
Information obtained from the facial recognition and other biometric technology may be merged into a central database and shared across agencies for use in several applications such as U.
Top-level security talks between Japan and the United States set for January in Washington might be postponed due to the tight schedule of the U.
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