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The long-term impact of the speech is unknown, but its significance to date is that it has provided us with a rare opportunity to see what happens when members of the U.
Ambassador to Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad and has reportedly promised the ministry of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and families of Halabja, as well as Anfal victims to work on the recognition of the genocide against Kurds at the U.
color) Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki addresses a joint meeting of the U.
Other apologists for the "don't-tell-like-it-is" line maintain that labeling China as a currency manipulator would incite the U.
Asked to comment on the matter, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Abe said in Tokyo on Tuesday, ''To begin with, (the premier) has no plans to make a speech at the U.
This accessible text explains the roles, organization, and processes of the U.
One is a lobbying effort by some industry groups, including representatives of insurance agents and brokers, to get the U.
Now in its 18th edition, The Almanac Of The Unelected Staff Of The U.
Although officials intend to install Object Video on the Southern front, they must wait for the U.
The legislation was overwhelmingly passed by the U.
This year's historic election outcome represents the first time in history that the sitting president's party gained seats in both chambers of the U.
In October 1994, at the request of the nation's law enforcement community, the U.
The group decided to send observers to Colombia after the U.
The AICPA's political action committee, the Effective Legislation Committee (ELC), receives personal contributions from AICPA members and in turn uses them to provide financial assistance to like-minded candidates for the U.
But let me talk further about Wayne Aspinall's time in the U.