United States Attorney General

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the person who holds the position of secretary of the Justice Department

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Ashcroft has said he wants the Justice Department to go after terrorists the same way former U.
Boxer says the mission grants will be reviewed by the U.
Eventually they would help make his confirmation process for U.
It took six years, but the families of two female hikers who were killed because they were perceived to be lesbians may finally get justice--with help from a surprising ally: U.
In addition, the 1999 WASC was one of the first events that the U.
The House and Senate Judiciary Committees have held hearings about the administration's proposed antiterrorism legislation, with U.
W]e're counting on each American to help us defend our nation in this war," says U.
Esbeck is the Missouri lawyer tapped by former senator and current U.
The proposal, which Conyers originally presented last spring, would direct the U.
He was able to leave Haiti with the help of former U.
Although this issue usually gets little publicity, it became almost a national obsession earlier this year when it was found Zoe Baird, a nominee for U.
Gonzales, President Bush's newly confirmed replacement for John Ashcroft as U.
Prior to assuming this position, Director Mueller assisted former U.
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