United States Attorney General

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the person who holds the position of secretary of the Justice Department

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By 1996, the National Defense Authorization Act required that similar support and assistance only could be attained for essential safety and security functions following a certification process requiring the concurrence of the U.
He was able to leave Haiti with the help of former U.
Although this issue usually gets little publicity, it became almost a national obsession earlier this year when it was found Zoe Baird, a nominee for U.
Gonzales, President Bush's newly confirmed replacement for John Ashcroft as U.
An individual who has been deported from the United States is prohibited by federal law from re-entering the United States without the express consent of the U.
Prior to assuming this position, Director Mueller assisted former U.
Supreme Court's religious liberty cases, it is extremely doubtful he could fairly enforce these standards as U.
Individuals, disabled or not, and the Office of the U.
From May 1990 to July 1991, at the appointment of the U.
9 renews three key provisions of the VRA that were set to expire in 2007 for another 25 years: Section 5, which requires certain states and counties to get federal approval before changing their election laws and procedures; Section 203, which guarantees that citizens who need language assistance are not denied access to voting; and, Sections 6-9 which give the U.
The lawmakers also believe that the potential departure of U.
Trying to stem what he called a $250 million-a-year piracy ``epidemic,'' U.
In announcing the arrest of Al-Arian and three of the other seven suspects, U.
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