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shaped in the form of the letter U

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Once completed, the 11-storey U-shaped building will have 287 units including studio, one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom apartments, along with penthouses, staggered across 11 storeys.
The U-shaped structures will serve as permanent control surfaces on which multiple measurements can be made using several methods.
Bai Meichu is considered the father of the U-shaped line and one of the founders of China's geographical society.
The beta-binomial distribution is U-shaped if both a and b are less than 1; however, other values of a and b can generate shapes that are monotonically rising toward either end or are flat.
The brackets are available in four standard types: U-shaped side bolt-on, adjustable U-shaped side bolt-on, front bolt-on, and built-in connectors with locking pin.
Another factor that played their role in earnings growth is U-shaped based return while higher indexation factor (PKR depreciation and inflation) is also expected to have played its part.
Pre-arched shoe by Fuzi Features a low U-shaped vamp, wide box, andarched shank.
Some studies have shown that embedding inverted T-shaped slot [2, 3], U-shaped slot [4], C-shaped slot [5], partial elliptical slot [6], and L-shaped stub [7, 8] on the radiating patch or the ground plane can be used to achieve band notch characteristics.
By using above unique characteristics, a miniaturized DBBSF is developed by adopting the T-shaped DMS and U-shaped DGS in our previous work [20].
China's claims to the disputed islands in the South China Sea and their inclusion on a map that depicts a U-shaped line that comes perilously close to the coastal waters of the countries that abut the sea, have given rise to concern and debate about the line's meaning.
To test the performance of the algorithm, the application of it has been shown in simple and U-shaped assembly line balancing problems with stochastic processing times.
CHICAGO -- The presence of a U-shaped cervical funnel was significantly associated with earlier birth in high-risk women in a planned secondary analysis of the Vaginal Ultrasound Cerclage Trial.
I hope to convince you that Bateson's thinking was right on target--that when it comes to your risk of disease and how much of "good things" you should have, it's a U-shaped world (Figure 1).
Your bow is held in the upright position of your liking by an adjustable U-shaped holder.