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a magnetic tape recorder for recording (and playing back) TV programs

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The present consultation concerns the realization of videographic video digitization work in 3/4 inch format (u-matic, Bvu, U-matic sp).
The department's collection of about 1,000 U-matic recordings fell victim to rapid deterioration and consequent failure of the U-matic tapes and playback equipment.
RAIL: The decision of shooting the film on U-matic and to blend fiction with archival footage is related to that quest for realism and historical accuracy?
A Sony VP-9000 plays a 3/4-inch U-Matic videocassette.
1971 Sony launches the first video cassette, the U-matic system.
Stored in multiple sites around the United Kingdom are over 600,000 hours of complete television programs, stockshots, and unedited or untransmitted material held on film, 2-inch and 1-inch videotape, and U-Matic and Beta formats.
Pic's crunchy visual texture is made up of an assortment of footage, including 35mm, 16mm and Super8 Sound stocks, plus Betacam, U-Matic and Portapack footage.
The cable from the video camera was inserted into a Sony U-matic 3/4-inch video recorder and a Pioneer Elite DVR-7000 DVD recorder, producing both video and DVD recordings.
Ralph Couzens, stated that all three, "were recorded digitally using the Sony PCM1630 U-matic based system in 16 bit.
Outdated media such as Beta and U-Matic have given way to still video (video floppy disks, such as those made by Canon Xapshot or Sony MAVPAK digital cameras) and compact discinteractive (CD-I).
One format, the U-Matic, developed primarily by the Sony Corporation, soon emerged as the dominant design for professional and educational uses, replacing other kinds of video players and recorders.
A physical copy of all sectors is made into a High Sierra file and mastered directly to a one-off CD-ROM with a CD master, or mastered to 9-track, Exabyte, DAT or U-Matic tape.