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The album, taken by Frank & Sons of South Shields, documents the dismantling of the U-boat in astonishing detail and, as Tyne and Wear Archives says, provide a rare glimpse into a German submarine.
Those narratives alone are well worth a serious reading of Dubbs's wartime U-boat operations.
Frazer nicol | |stands in front of U-534 at The U-Boat Story with the Distinguished Flying Cross his father, Warrant Officer John Nicol, was awarded for his part in sinking the sub
There will also be a range of fun activities for all the family as well as guided tours of Harbour House looking at the Londonderry Port and Harbour's history and its role during the War and the U-Boat surrender.
Signalman Milton Cheyne, an 18-year-old native of Montreal, fired two white rockets to illuminate and expose the U-boat.
Lockington was hailed a war hero for trying to take on the U-boat while being shot at and shelled.
The U-boat was thought to have sunk, although German wireless reports later stated it returned to port, badly damaged.
U-boat commander Captain Helmuth Pich survived with 26 of his men.
BUNGLE Lemp, above, handed the Allies an intact Enigma machine when his U-boat was captured by the British
The Arandora Star was sunk by an U-boat in 1940, en-route to Canada
Dad-of-three Martin is still hunting for a photo of a second U-boat that was scuppered in the town's harbour.
The evidence of how the U-boat team which sank the ship disregarded the lives of the mainly Geordie crew was so compelling that Doenitz seemed to hide in shame.
The Laconia is 600 miles from the coast of Africa; a mixture of English civilians, Allied soldiers and Italian prisoners who face certain death in the water, until U-boat Commander Werner Hartenstein realises the Laconia is just carry civilians and decides to defy Nazi High Command and order his crew to save as many of the shipwrecked survivors as they can.
In that respect, the U-boat campaign during World War I is strikingly similar to the terrorist insurgencies of today, especially those using suicide and improvised explosive device (IED) bombing tactics.
discovered u-boat u-533 by using highly sophisticated deep-water diving equipment and mixed breathing apparatus