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United States prizefighter who was world heavyweight champion (born in 1966)

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Tyson interviews A-list movie stars and celebrities who his audience might not realize have a "geek" side in the hopes that viewers will come for the stars and "stay for the science.
Retailers that have replaced a competitive product with Tyson Crispy Glazed Wings have seen 2 to 4 times more sales.
In a statement accompanying an obituary, Tyson Foods President and CEO Donnie Smith said:
Tyson, however, refused to accept others' truth about her by living up to the lies.
Throughout Greater Los Angeles, the number of high school lacrosse teams nearly doubled to more than 20 this year, and Tyson hopes the game will continue to grow in the Santa Clarita Valley as well.
Tyson has denied attacking two men outside a hotel in New York last summer.
Blame has yet to be established but if justice is to be sought by either party, Tyson will not be the only one affected.
Tyson and Lewis will both fight on June 21, possibly at Madison Square Garden, New York, and then the pair will announce their rematch worth around pounds 70million.
Fortune magazine recently ranked Tyson among its "Most Admired Companies," as well as the most admired in the food industry, based on the views of business executives and industry analysts.
District Court in Chattanooga, Tyson Foods made a regular practice of hiring illegal aliens for several plants, including a fresh chicken processing plant in Shelbyville.
LENNOX LEWIS v Mike Tyson doesn't need a lot of spicing up but Sportingodds have done their best anyway with a host of specials.
Mike Tyson knows how to give it to men until they love him.
Mike Tyson was refused his second last chance by the Nevada State Athletic Commission last night, and Las Vegas will not stage a Mike Tyson versus Lennox Lewis superfight.
The bidding war between Smithfield Foods and Tyson Foods to acquire IBP Inc.