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of or relating to or characteristic of the Tyrol or its people


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It made available to the South Tyrolese legal mechanisms to ensure Italy complies with international treaties affecting the region, and requires that Italy consult formally or informally with other members of the UN and the European Union before taking any action that may affect provincial autonomy.
In Otto-Preminger case, the court manifests its traditionalism in religion and morals, maintaining a single and neutral vote, considering that "it cannot neglect the fact that the RomanCatholic religion belongs to most Tyrolese.
That a sense of family honour will prevail in great extremities, appears from the conduct of Francisco, the unhappy Tyrolese, now under sentence of death for firing a pistol at a tradesman in Lombard-street, who, if we may trust the newspapers, refused to mention the name of a brother who lives in high respectability in this city, and whose interference might possibly have been the means of saving him.
Lying in the bath, looking at the picturesque Tyrolese mountain peaks and enchanting meadows, I drifted off to a world far, far away.
In recounting his attendance at Lord Francis Egerton's rout, he wrote that, when 'some tame Tyrolese began to sing their wild airs' and the company 'pressed in that direction', he had the chance to look at the paintings.
The Captain's primary objective in this vigorous trek through the Tyrolese Alps is to progress through the three levels of the journey until attaining the bottom section of the massive glacier.
Tawa 59 Tyrolese Melodies arranged for four voices with piano part by Ignaz Moscheles (London, 1827).
Police said the offenders had disabled security alarms to steal more than 300 lots including a Tyrolese violin worth pounds 2,000
Tiger Rag was renamed Abenlied or Evening Song," he recalls, "Sweet Georgia Brown was passed off as a South Tyrolese folk song and the lyrics to Basin Street Blues became 'I'm on my way .
Similar tales in other languages use other names, of course: Kruzimuegeli in Austrian, Ropiquet or Ricdin-Ricdon in French, Tarandando in Italian, Panczimanczi in Hungarian, Gilitrutt in Icelandic, Kinkach Martinko in Russian, Purzinigele in Tyrolese, and Marie Kirikitoun in Basque.
Dreyer, A Historically Famous Tyrolese Inn (Osterrechische Alpenpost, no.