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a picturesque mountainous province of western Austria and northern Italy

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He pointed out that South Tyrol had come a long way, one "full of sufferings and problems," before finally achieving "a happy, peaceful and prosperous life" for its population.
I will present here relevant Tyrolean sources related to Verdi and Wagner reception in Tyrol that have been cataloged for RISM in the past few years: music manuscripts, printed music, and, lastly, some concert programs as well.
THE DEAL: The 10-day Grand European Tour - Bohemia, Cesky Krumlov and the Austrian Tyrol, departing August 9, costs from PS975pp including half-board hotel accommodation.
Bien evidemment, l'ambassadrice a tenu a etre presente a la representation de la troupe de son pays: [beaucoup moins que]J'avais reve de voir mon Tyrol natal venir faire etalage de sa culture et de ses coutumesdont les ressemblances avec le Djurdjura sont frappantes[beaucoup plus grand que].
Heavy snow has blanketed Tyrol and neighboring Vorarlberg, Austria's westernmost province, over recent days, leading to several road closures and an elevated risk of avalanches.
South Tyrol is majority German speaking; the other province in the region, Trento, is majority Italian speaking.
ADPnews) - Oct 18, 2010 - Austrian utility Verbund (WBAG:VER) will operate the power grid network of the state of Tyrol from 2011 and thus will increase its control over the country's entire power network to 95% from currently 85%.
RELAX on a journey of pure nostalgia with the Little Trains of the Austrian Tyrol.
RELAX on a journey of pure nostalgia with the LittleTrains of the Austrian Tyrol.
These small, relaxed villages nestle high in the Austrian Tyrol at the southern end of the Otztal Valley, just a few miles from the Italian border.
As part of the Tyrol Prostate-Specific Antigen Screening Project (J.
As with other pocket models the Pocket TYROL has a sophisticated lens system comprising a total of 16 lenses, which are treated with the Swarobright, Swarodur and Swarotop coatings.
Tolerance through law; self governance and group rights in South Tyrol.
For 2008, the company is wrapping its Pocket Tyrol in Italian leather, presenting an elegant--yes, I used that word--optic that has the highest "must-have" factor.
Fourteen teachers from the Tyrol in northern Italy will arrive in the country today and visit six of the county's schools.