Typhoid Mary

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United States cook who was an immune carrier of typhoid fever and who infected dozens of people (1870-1938)

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Meanwhile, the carrier sees no advertisements and doesn't know that he or she is infected, just like symptomless Typhoid Mary.
What about Typhoid Mary (assuming the Board of Health correctly diagnosed her)?
As illustrated in the case of Typhoid Mary, in the control of epidemics this process often relies on coercive measures, including limitations on movement, activity and human contact.
He sounds as if he'd rather be called Typhoid Mary.
A cook in the New York City era, Typhoid Mary was arrested in 1907 (after killing a mere three people with her typhoid germs) and spent most of the next quarter-century in an isolation unit on North Brother Island.
When officials traced more infections back to her, and she refused to cooperate with their infection-control efforts, the health director sent her back to the island for the rest of her life, where she became the famous Typhoid Mary.
Cincinnati now has its own version of Typhoid Mary.
It could be the Typhoid Mary of Y2K remediation, but it could also be an innocuous convenience for data input personnel, something to keep employees happy and boost productivity at the same time.
I'm pretty certain that I contracted it at Heathrow airport, from a woman in WH Smith whom I've since nicknamed Typhoid Mary.
Traditional dictionaries don't always include allusions, phrases like yellow brick road, Typhoid Mary, hoist with one's own petard, and alpha male, which are seldom easy to find.
It's not easy to pin your epidemic on Typhoid Mary if she arrived in town well after the outbreak started.