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a depository for collecting and displaying objects having scientific or historical or artistic value

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the different types of museums in the United States and explains their
All types of museums rely on workers to help create or update their exhibits.
Gilman focused purely on art museums whereas Coleman looks at all sizes and types of museums, from large to small and from science museums to historic houses.
Both types of museums display items similar in function to those in contemporary use, so that the distinction between folklore, archaeology and personal experience is not portrayed as significant (for a comparative example, see Mbunwe-Samba et al.
It contains information and links to all types of museums in the UK, including art galleries.
Southwest Solutions Group is a full service company providing equipment, design, installation, and ongoing service to all types of museums and archival storage facilities.
Rather he draws on the tools for analyzing rhetoric as a form of persuasion from his own profession to show how the shapes and other features of the physical structures further the purpose of different types of museums.