Twin Falls

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a waterfall in the Snake River in southern Idaho

a town on the Snake River in south central Idaho near the Twin Falls

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The Twin Falls stations are comprised of KIKX-FM 104.
We concluded that capitalising on the benefits offered in Twin Falls out-weighed benefits outside the state of Idaho.
We receive valuable input from our RAC members who represent diverse interests ranging from energy development and livestock grazing to dispersed recreation and historic and archaeological interests, said Twin Falls District Manager Mike Courtney, their feedback helps us to make better informed decisions when it comes to on the ground resource management of public lands.
Martin added that group members plan on going door-to-door throughout Twin Falls to encourage people to oppose the refugee program being housed inside the community college.
Professional BASE jumper Sean Chuma told Twin Falls newspaper The Times-News that he had heard Hickey successfully performed the stunt skydiving.
Heritage Assisted Living of Boise is a 100-unit assisted living facility in Boise, Idaho; Heritage Assisted Living of Twin Falls is a 70-unit assisted living facility in Twin Falls, Idaho; and Woodstone Assisted Living is an 85-unit assisted living facility also located in Twin Falls, according to the company.
Relocating our corporate headquarters to Twin Falls will allow us to grow the business in a more business-friendly environment," said John Chapman, founder and CEO of LMS Defense.
Against Twin Falls Jax Arnold hit a two-run home run in a five-run first inning and Josh Vitus pitched three scoreless innings.
According to the Twin Falls (Idaho) "Times-News," the cooperative, which represents about 300 potato growers in Idaho, alleges that the buyer terminated grower contracts that it approved earlier in the year.
The Pic River First Nation has acquired full ownership of the Twin Falls hydro-electric plant near the Lake Superior Ojibway community.
Majid Kolestani, a 42-year-old transgender male who identifies as a woman, pleaded guilty in June to first-degree murder, in an agreement that laid out the sentence handed down Friday by Judge Randy Stoker of the Idaho state court in Twin Falls.
Verizon Wireless customers in more Idaho locations can now -- access e-mail, everyday corporate data, the Internet and more at faster speeds; check out video on their phones; download music right over-the-air; and play 3D games -- as Verizon Wireless expands its wireless high-speed broadband network in the surrounding areas of Boise-Nampa, Idaho Falls and Twin Falls.
of Twin Falls agreed to ship 54 metric tons of boneless pork legs to Cuba in June in a deal valued at US$100,000, and is expected to bid on additional contracts for delivery later this summer and in 2008, reports AP (April 19, 2007).
Two refrigerated warehouses in Twin Falls, Idaho, USA, operated by Henningsen Cold Storage, have earned membership in the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) of the US Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
Twin Falls Idaho was the site for the Idaho MTA conference, which was held this past October.