Twilight of the Gods

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myth about the ultimate destruction of the gods in a battle with evil

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Kylie, 36, who's currently dating French hunk Olivier Martinez, spent the evening at the London Coliseum, taking in Wagner's Twilight Of The Gods (aka Gotterdammerung).
Production will play 17 perfs through May 24, part of an operatic rep that includes "The Barber of Seville"; "Lulu"; and "The Twilight of the Gods," the culmination of ENO's "Ring" cycle.
How in the depths of the Wye Valley do you hear an extract from Twilight of the Gods after 11pm?
More sick as a parrot than over the moon, I took my place in the crowd - sorry, audience - for Gotterdammerung (The Twilight of the Gods to you and me) - the marathon, six-hour conclusion to Wagner's Ring Cycle.
The Twilight of the Gods (1923), Rise and Fall of the Gods (1931), A History of the Popes (1939), and History's Greatest Liars (1951).
The Twilight of the Gods will begin with a great conflict, in which brothers will slay brothers and sons their fathers.
Acting giant Sir John Gielgud heads a glittering supporting cast in the Inspector Morse story Twilight Of The Gods in a part written specially for him.
Best known among his works of fiction is The Twilight of the Gods, and Other Tales (1888), a collection of fables in the style of the Greek writer Lucian.
Zimmerman adds, "The NSA views this as their twilight of the gods, their Armageddon.
His published poems are chiefly graceful translations from the French, Italian, or Spanish, a Versification of Ossian (1793), and The Twilight of the Gods (1793), adapted from the Norse Eddas.
Gotterdammerung ( The Twilight of the Gods, 1876) Siegfried leaves the magic ring with Brunhilde and goes to seek adventure.