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time need to prepare a vessel or ship for a return trip


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com)-- Group Benefit Services (GBS) announces today that they have successfully completed a year where their claim processing turn-around time was less than one (1) day.
OSA-NST simplifies MFP usage for regular scanning and conversion of paper documents, providing benefits such as increasing efficiency and productivity, decreasing turn-around time for a job, help users create paper documents to be used in work flows, design and add customised profiles to reduce the manual steps in MFP operation, the company said.
Crucial to the lab's success is the turn-around time of medical samples - how long it takes to obtain results after samples are submitted.
Our claims examiners have an average of 17 years experience each and it is that expertise that allows us to not only provide excellent turn-around times but also pay close attention to the caring service our customers have come to expect.
The reputation of CYBEX as a brand is not only important, but is enhanced by their support and incredible turn-around times on the manufacturing and delivery of the equipment.
in combination with its national installer base have promoted consistent service quality and industry leading turn-around times for its customers.
Smart Attachment Manager users report reduced turn-around times for claims attachments, better business office control over pended claims and heightened revenue cycle accountability for all departments involved.
When our customers adopt the Calibre tool flow, they find their total verification time is greatly reduced, they experience predictable, fast turn-around times and avoid delays in their design cycle.