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a blinking light on a motor vehicle that indicates the direction in which the vehicle is about to turn

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Cockpit Confusion: Whether it's mixing up the wipers and the turn signal, or the gas pedal and brake, a surprising number of learning students don't know their way around the inside of the car.
A car pulled in front of us from the right lane but its turn signal stayed on after it changed lanes.
The only way he knows your husband intends to cut across traffic in front of him is by seeing your husband's turn signal.
Get someone to stand outside the truck, in a safe position, to observe the front turn signals.
A new national survey reveals that 57% of American drivers admit they don't use their turn signal when changing lanes, but what is most startling are the excuses drivers gave.
Four troopers parked near the show's entrance, citing anyone with illegal alterations, such as blue turn signals or low suspensions.
During the campaign, police will be on the lookout for drivers who wear seat belts, drive within speed limits, use their turn signals and display courteous behaviour.
Gears grind and turn signals click, constructing an almost absurd sense of anticipation and drama.
Gavin Thomson Design developed Bicygnals front and rear bicycle lights with integrated turn signals
The 2015 models will also feature LED turn signals and revised handlebar grips from the RC motorcycles.
Having your turn signals constantly flashing whilst doing 100km-plus on the motorway is actually a danger.
The problem is that too many drivers still ignore the turn signals and continue to go out into the center of the road, which blocks the traffic when the lights change.
Dynamic signals in the form of LED alternating signals, Prism AC signals, lane light signals, traffic lights, turn signals, respectively, including the connecting cable and junction box.
com recently responded to a new report by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) that claims close to 2 million accidents are caused by drivers neglecting to appropriately use turn signals annually.
Reflector optic LEDs for the amber front turn signals (including a VW logo on the cap)
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