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a native or inhabitant of Turkey

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Felix soon learned that the treacherous Turk, for whom he and his family endured such unheard-of oppression, on discovering that his deliverer was thus reduced to poverty and ruin, became a traitor to good feeling and honour and had quitted Italy with his daughter, insultingly sending Felix a pittance of money to aid him, as he said, in some plan of future maintenance.
He could have endured poverty, and while this distress had been the meed of his virtue, he gloried in it; but the ingratitude of the Turk and the loss of his beloved Safie were misfortunes more bitter and irreparable.
A few days after, the Turk entered his daughter's apartment and told her hastily that he had reason to believe that his residence at Leghorn had been divulged and that he should speedily be delivered up to the French government; he had consequently hired a vessel to convey him to Constantinople, for which city he should sail in a few hours.
But as the ratio of Turks coming from Turkey for marriage is very high, the transmission of cultural features originating from Turkey remains strong.
While many airlines are decreasing services, we are pleased that Delta acknowledges Turks and Caicos as the foremost destination in the Caribbean, said Ralph Higgs, Director of Tourism.
More than one in three Turks (35%) rate their lives poorly enough to be considered "suffering," according to Gallup surveys conducted amid the recent protests in the country this year, nearly double the 18% suffering found in 2012.
This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the insurance industry in Turks and Caicos:
Some Turks report that CNN Turk has instead broadcast a range of bland programming dealing with banal topics like (http://www.
For January 2012, Turks and Caicos Reservations is offering a 5 percent discount to all its offers and promotions from Turks and Caicos resorts.
Turks and Caicos Reservations offers a real-time booking service for hotels, villas and Turks and Caicos Resorts, the best deals on tours, attractions and activities and the most extensive range of accommodation options throughout the Turks and Caicos family of islands.
The survey showed that both Turks and Kurds support the government's Kurdish move, revealing that support for the initiative is generally much higher than the political parties perceive it to be.
But those who deplore the move are wrong because improved relations, even at a modest diplomatic level, could address some of the issues that most Turks find so vexing.
Spirit's regular flight schedule to Turks and Caicos will begin on 23 December 2006, with Saturday service to Grand Turk and Providenciales.
Significantly, many of these come from the "borderlands of Europe," and here, of course, we meet the figure of the Turk--no--three Turks, to be precise.
Don John and his men, who were predominantly Catholic but included Orthodox Christians and some Protestants, knew that the Turks had to be turned back at Lepanto or Christendom may be doomed.