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Synonyms for Turkmen

a member of a Turkic people living in Turkmenistan and neighboring areas

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a republic in Asia to the east of the Caspian Sea and to the south of Kazakhstan and to the north of Iran

the Turkic language spoken by the Turkoman

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Like Kurds, Turkomans claim ownership of Kirkuk and some of their major political parties have been fiercely resisting an attachment of Kirkuk to the neighboring Kurdish region.
This is bitterly opposed by Arabs and Turkomans, thus giving jihadis a permissive environment.
However, if an ethnic-cleansing attempt adversely affects the Turkomans, Turkey may not stay out of the conflict.
Foremost, Turkey is concerned that Iraq's territorial integrity is maintained and, relatedly, about its linguistic/ethnic kin, the Iraqi Turkomans.
Principal wars: Expansion of the Black Sheep (Kara-Koyunlu) Turkomans (1420-1467).
The attack against the minority is the second in two days as militants killed five minority members and wounded 11 others when they blew up 11 bombs at houses of Shiite Turkomans in the city of Tuz-Khurmato, some 220 km North of Baghdad.
But he is strongly opposed by Iraq's Sunni Arab minority as well as most of the country's Shi'ite Arab majority, as well as the Kurds and Turkomans of the north, all resisting the spread of Safawism in their territories.
The ethnically mix province of Kirkuk and its capital Kirkuk City, some 250 km north of Baghdad, are part of the disputed areas between the Kurds and both Arabs and Turkomans.
These territories are populated by a mix of Kurds, Arabs and Turkomans and are contested between Baghdad and Erbil.
In the 15th century AD, it was South Lebanon's Ja'fari theologians of Jabal Amel who helped Shi'itise Isma'il and his fellow Turkomans as well as much of Persia.
The Baathist regime took extreme measures in the 1980s and 1990s to expel Kurds, Turkomans, and Christians from the city and replacing the indigenous population with Arabs.
lt;p>But Iraqi officials say they may postpone the project amid concerns it could lead to violence north of Baghdad where Arabs, Kurds, and Turkomans live.
The ball is in the court of Arabs and Turkomans, since Kurds have already made many concessions," MP Yousef Ahmed from the Kurdistan Coalition (KC) bloc told Aswat al-Iraq - Voices of Iraq - (VOI).
The Kurds want to incorporate Kirkuk, 290 km north of Baghdad, into their self-rule region, but they have met stiff resistance to the idea from Arabs, Turkomans and the national cabinet.
Its leaders claim the PMF controls Iraq; the Sunni Arabs, Kurds, Turkomans and other minorities are fighting back to prove them wrong.