Turkish lira

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the basic unit of money in Turkey

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The Turkish lira sustained the fifth biggest loss against the US dollar among 20 emerging national currencies, having fallen by 20 percent, in 2015.
The EBRDs purchase of bonds brings more qualified investors in the Turkish lira bond issue with a longer tenor and fixed coupon, rare features for the Turkish bond market.
Given the absence of a state authority to monitor speculation and impose uniform prices, conditions deteriorated further earlier this year, which led many to fall back on the Turkish lira.
65,the Turkish lira has now collapsed even before the first Fed rate hike has begun.
9 billion Turkish lira ($459 billion) as of June 27, according to data released by Turkey's Central Bank on Thursday.
The Turkish lira has suffered 30 per cent hits against the US dollar at least four times in Erdogan's decade in power.
Reuters -- The Turkish lira firmed on Friday, ending a downward week higher on expectations that theUnited Stateswould continue to unwind its stimulus programme at only a steady pace and not accelerate it.
Political problems in Turkey have seen stocks fall and sent the Turkish lira to record lows, casting doubt on the current governments goals of reducing inflation and causing warnings of stagnation in the emerging economy, it was said.
A cashier exchanges 100 denomination Turkish lira banknotes at a currency exchange in Istanbul (file).
The pound has been making gains against the Turkish lira in the last four months.
Release date- 19102012 - In view of the latest developments in global markets, with an aim to boost the financial stability, the ROCs for all tranches of FX reserves that might be held for Turkish lira reserve requirements have been increased by '0.
LONDON: The Turkish lira could be due a rally against the euro with prospects for Turkey's economy arguably looking more positive than those of the euro zone.
The Turkish government will provide the grant in the amount of 1,050,000 Turkish lira in USD equivalent.
As well as the squeeze on public-sector pay that started earlier in northern Cyprus than on this side of the Green Line, when inflation-linked rises were frozen, spending has probably been affected by the fall in the Turkish lira so far this year.
4% more cash to spend, thanks to a dramatic dip in the value of the Turkish lira against the pound.
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