Turkish bath

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a steam room where facilities are available for a bath followed by a shower and massage

you sweat in a steam room before getting a rubdown and cold shower

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A luxurious tiled spa room with a raised plinth can accommodate two people for the complete Turkish bath experience.
Korsan Guney costs from [pounds sterling]1,800pp for the first two people sharing and [pounds sterling]700pp for each additional guest (sleeps 10) including return flights to Dalaman from the private terminal at Stansted, Gatwick or Manchester, 7 days' 4x4 hire, a Turkish Bath, welcome hamper and daily maid cleaning.
Turkish Bath had been developed in Anatolia from the beginning of the 15th Century, and spread through far lands of the Ottoman Empire.
While Turkish bath and sauna may be different from each other as to some features, both can be evaluated in similar activities.
A person taking a Turkish bath first relaxes in a room (known as the 'warm room') that is heated by a continuous flow of hot, dry air allowing the bather to perspire freely.
Today visitors come from all the world to see one of England's last working Victorian Turkish Baths and discover more about the original treatments which included intestinal lavage for colitis and constipation and Peat Baths to treat circulation, back and pelvic disorders, rheumatism and sciatica.
The hotel offers a 500 sq m apartment, 15 contemporary styled suites, lounge bar, spa with swimming pool, sauna, turkish bath, massage and body care treatments.
calls it the "Hamam Experience," the Turkish Bath experience.
A silver watch and chain carried by a Turkish bath attendant on the Titanic is expected to fetch pounds 1,800 in the sale in London, on March 23.
We were given a short history of the Turkish bath and were amazed to find that only nine remain dating back to the 19th century.
Eastern hookahs are transformed into makeshift bongs whose upright orientation echoes that of the dildos in the downstairs gallery, while the beauties of the Turkish bath are made over into hard-core porn images stashed not so secretly underneath the mummy case.
4m [pounds sterling] from the Heritage Lottery Fund and viewers' telephone voting, which will now be used to restore and reopen the Turkish bath suite for the local community.
And the legendary Turkish bath, which was derived from the hamman, has been popular in Europe for centuries.
RICHARD FEIN's collections of poetry include Kafka's Ear, At the Turkish Bath, and To Move into the House.
1971), about an innocent adrift in New York; Bad Habits (1971), pairing two short plays set in sanitoriums, one permissive, the other restrictive; and The Ritz (1974, filmed 1976), his most popular play, about a man trying to escape his homicidal brother-in-law by hiding in a Turkish bath patronized by gay men.
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