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a dialect of Tocharian

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Waldschmidt, "Vergleichende Analyse des Catusparisatsutra", in Von Ceylon bis Turfan, Gottingen, 1967, pp.
I find no particular visual parallels in the heads of donors from any sites in Xinjiang to support the museum label's assertion; the details of the face and hair seem too peculiar, and unlike any of the heads of, say, Uighur donors from the cave art of Khotan or of Turfan.
Biblical and Other Christian Sogdian Texts from the Turfan Collection.
In From Turfan to Ajanta: Festschrift for Dieter Schlingloff on the Occasion of his Eighteenth Birthday, edited by E.
Among the topics are definiteness and deixis in Middle Persian, new light on the Middle Persian-Chinese bilingual inscription from Zi'an, New Persian texts in Manichean script from Turfan, obscene vocabulary in Stiengass' dictionary, and Minabi notes.
Mhat Sen, Yusuf Tavil, Husamettin Erdamar [1], Huseyin Ugur Yazici, Erdinc Cakir [2], Emin Ozgur Akgull Cumhur Bilgi [2], Mehmet Kemal Erbi [3], Fatih Poyraz, Kaan Okyay, Murat Turfan, Mustafa Cemri
The spectacular finds of manuscripts made at the beginning of the 20th century in Turfan and other oases of the ancient Silk Road in Xinjiang opened the path for all sorts of philological, religious and historical studies and were even responsible for the creation and expansion of a number of disciplines e.
In a desolate but beautiful wilderness covering some 225,000 square miles the E-Class never batted an eyelid as it headed to the Turfan Depression ( the second lowest point on earth where temperatures can top 55C and rainfall averages half-an-inch a year.
More than 20,000 Han Chinese were moved to Hami and Turfan to do reclamation work.
Fortunately, several fragments (identified in the Turfan materials, the Abhidharmakosabhaya [AKBh], the AKVy, and the Tattvasangrahapanjika [TSP]) make its organizing structure easily recoverable.
Drawing on fieldwork between 1990 and 2000, Yakup presents a synchronic description of the phonology, morphology, and lexicon of that dialect of modern Uyghur, a Turkic language, spoken in the Turfan region of the present Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China.
Discovered along the ancient Silk Road, these treasures provide a comprehensive overview of 500 years of history of the Silk Road, which stretches from Kashgar in northwestern China through the Taklamakan Desert to Turfan, Dunhuang, and Xi'an.
through to the sixth- to seventh-century Buddhist Sanskrit manuscripts of Gilgit and Turfan (Salomon 2006: 374).
Nonetheless, I also find the following case in the then independent Sinitic state of Gaochang in the modern Turfan region.
4: Iranian Manuscripts in Syriac Script in the Berlin Turfan Collection.