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a dialect of Tocharian

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Erdogan is not our enemy, but he worries us," said Turfan.
Turfan also welcomed Syriac Christians, fleeing from denunciation as heretics by Rome.
These materials, written on paper, silk, leather and wood, survive only in dry locales, places like Niya, Loulan, Kucha, Turfan and Khotan in Xinjiang; Samarkand in Uzbekistan; Chang'an, Dunhuang in Gansu province; and Chang'an, the capital during the Former Han dynasty (206 BC-9 AD) and the Tang (618-907).
The people who lived in Turfan but worked full-time with Silk Road merchants included the officials who regulated the trade, either by issuing market certificates or travel passes, their interpreters, the inn-keepers, and Mazdean priests.
Among other topics, multiple chapters are included on the Sogdians, the finds at the Turfan Oasis, and the well-known site of Dunhuang, with individual articles devoted to silk, paper, and money in these areas.
Theodore bar Koni, al-Nadim, possibly even the Cologne Mani Codex) are actually contemporary with the Iranian texts from Turfan and Chinese texts from Dunhuang, most of which are eighth- to tenth-century copies or translations of late antique works from Mesopotamia and Iran.
El primer historiador en utilizarla fue Louis-Sebastien Le Nain de Tillemont (25), y a partir de alli seria utilizada como fuente principal hasta que la edicion realizada por Charles Beeson en 1906 (basada en el descubrimiento reciente de un manuscrito mas completo por parte de Ludwig Traube) coincidiera con el descubrimiento de los primeros textos propiamente maniqueos en Turfan (26).
Historical cultural centers in contemporary East Turkistan like Kashgar and Turfan have had ties with other towns along the Silk Route, such as Bukhara and Samarqand.
1978), The Turfan Fragments (1980), Patterns in a Chromatic Field [also known as Untitled Composition for Cello and Piano] (1981), Crippled Symmetry (1983), and Coptic Light (1985).
Later, General Kosaner called on President Zardari along with Major General Orhan Turfan, Head of Gen Plans and Policies, Turkish Ambassador Babur Hizian and other officials.
Later, General Sebahattin Isik Kosaner called on President Asif Ali Zardari along with Major General Orhan Turfan, Head of Gen Plans & Policies, Turkish Ambassador Mr.
2002), Les routes de la region de Turfan sous le T'ang, suivi de l'histoire et la geographie anciennes de l'asie centrale dans Innermost Asia, edited by Jean-Pierre Drege, Paris 2002.
On an intensely hot afternoon in late June 2005, I found myself arriving, via a long-distance bus, in Pichan (known as "Shanshan" by the Chinese), an oasis town in the vicinity of the Turpan (romanized as "Tulufan" in Pinyin or Turfan in English) Depression, some four hundred kilometers east of Urumchi.
Ulkemizde degisik yas gruplarinda HAV seroprevalansi (Viral Hepatitler 2002'den) (7) Calismaci Yore Yas Sap Anti HAV (%) Paykoc, 1981 Ankara 20 yas ve uzeri 179 92 Uzunalimoglu, 1988 Ankara 15-25 576 92 Tekeli, 1991 Ankara 20-52 200 99 Turfan, 1989 Diyarbakir 0-50 350 98.