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Applications for these nitride (AlGaN/GaN) double barrier heterostructure based tunnel diodes included local oscillators for UHF television tuners, trigger circuits in oscilloscopes, high speed counter circuits, and very fast rise time pulse generator circuits [1, 3].
With the evolution of technology, the variety of devices used for generating ultra-short steps or pulses has expanded to include gallium arsenide (GaAs) photoconductive switches, (3-4) mercury switches, avalanche transistors, step recovery diodes (SRD), tunnel diodes and avalanche diodes, etc.
Interesting as the hydrogen atom and the microwave experiments are, a novel tunnel diode and devices like it are more likely to show up in practical applications,' notes Eric J.
The model DT1826 is a tunnel diode detector that is offered with either negative or positive output polarity.
The sine qua non of a tunnel diode is an unusual behavior called negative differential conductivity, which means that for a particular range of increasing voltages (when applied across a diode's two terminals) there is a reduction in the current of electrons that tunnel through the energy barrier between the terminals.
A tunnel diode detector that exhibits supreme flatness (3) over a broad frequency range and over wide temperature variations is preferred.