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The results showed that boron-free sites flanked by boron-occupied sites behaved as atomic-scale tunnel diodes.
The Company also announced that it has completed a recent filing for a patent on a novel DRAM architecture using its tunnel diode technology called TDRAM(TM), co-invented by Mr.
Leo Esaki who won the 1973 Nobel Prize in Physics his work on the Esaki tunnel diode, quantum semiconductors and superlattices.
We expect this fall to be a very active time for our business, on a number of different fronts, not the least of which should be new experimental results and new application announcements for our tunnel diode memory technology.
Engineers and physicists, including Byrnes, are already considering new types of diodes that can handle lower voltages, such as tunnel diodes and ballistic diodes.
Pawlik developed a process to build and test vertical Esaki tunnel diodes smaller than 120 nanometers in diameter, Rommel explained.