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The whole world is watching Tunisia, "he further underlined.
Europe and the world must also not simply hand Tunisia a prize but attach importance to the assistance that must be granted to Tunisia.
The President of Tunisia renewed his welcome to the Ambassador Muraweh, pointing that the leadership and people of Sudan have a wisdom and knowledge that can benefit Tunisia also.
Except for the dictatorship "thing," Tunisia demonstrated accomplishment on a number of development metrics including the education of women and even broad economic progress.
The EIA says Tunisia has two significant formations with potential for shale gas and shale oil in the southern part of the country, consisting of about 23 TCF of technically recoverable shale gas and 1.
He wished Tunisia every success in resuming its natural role on the Arab and Islamic map, adding that the whole world is looking at this phase in Tunisia's history with great respect and admiration.
assistance to Tunisia focuses on an array of targeted areas that include ensuring and enhancing internal and external security, promoting democratic practices and good governance, and supporting sustainable economic growth.
We desire for more cooperation during my next visit to Tunisia or the seventh session of the committee's meetings to discuss the prospects of a new variety in the relations between the two countries," said Shaikh Abdullah.
In a latest case last Monday, Iranian First Vice-President Mohammad Reza Rahimi in a meeting with Tunisian Ambassador to Tehran Mohammad al-Hasayeri underlined Tehran's preparedness to share its experiences with Tunisia in all arenas.
Tunisia is the 32nd African state, and the fourth member of the League of Arab States, to become party to the Rome Statute.
Rifai met Interim President Fouad Mebazaa and Minister of Tourism Mehdi Houas as well as representatives from the private sector to examine the best ways to support tourism in Tunisia.
Painting in the worst light II: Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani (photo) has blamed the United States for the autocratic regime in Tunisia that was just overthrown.
Summary: Hundreds of British tourists are being brought home from strife-torn Tunisia.
Tunisia and Egypt will have to fight hard to survive, as only one of them will be able to make it past the first round.
The law gives E&P operators tax relief when profits from oil and gas operations are reinvested in Tunisia.