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the capital and principal port of Tunisia

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The move follows a decision by several cruise lines to reschedule upcoming calls at Tunis, Tunisia, due to recent anti-American unrest in the region.
Egypt's juniors stole the limelight at the Championships, held in Tunis, Tunisia from April 11 to 14, winning the tournament with an amazing total haul of 14 gold medals, five silvers and five bronzes.
Washington, Sep 10 (ANI): Researchers at the University Campus in Tunis, Tunisia, have developed a bionic speech enhancement system that uses two distinct tools to reduce the noise from a recorded or sampled voice signal.
IAL owns an equity stake in Artes, a company based in Tunis, Tunisia.
Tunis, Tunisia, (SANA)- President Bashar al-Assad on Thursday sent a message to President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia on the situation in the Arab arena and means for restoring Arab solidarity and building a unified Arab stance to face the current challenges.
The International Music Council (IMC), a global network of expert organizations and individuals working in the field of music, honored nine music programs with its inaugural Musical Rights Awards at the 3rd IMC World Forum on Music in Tunis, Tunisia, October 17-22, 2009.
In addition, Reg'l Technical Dir Peter Lloyd, will transfer from the Tunis, Tunisia, office to the Casablanca, Morocco office.
Ports of call include: Barcelona, Cannes/Monte Carlo, France/Pisa, Italy, Naples/Capri, Italy, Venice, Croatia, Tunis, Tunisia.
will be held September 4-5, 2007, at the Sheraton Tunis in Tunis, Tunisia.
4-5: North African Coatings Congress 2007, Tunis, Tunisia.
Venue: University of Carthage in Tunis, Tunisia Dates: Monday 3 to Thursday 6 July 2006 Info: http://humanitiesconference.
Crystal Langhorne scored 23 points and Nicky Anosike added 15 points to lead the United States to a 99-68 semifinal victory over China in the women's under-19 World Championships at Tunis, Tunisia.
The medical abortion experiences of married and unmarried women in Tunis, Tunisia.
Flights in Tunis, Tunisia are being delayed today (18 September) due to record rainfall and flash floods.
The EgyptAir plane carrying 62 people came down in fog, rain and strong winds while trying to land near Tunis, Tunisia, after a flight from Cairo.